Story                                 Shaikh Chilli
Sheikh chilli was one day carrying a basket full of eggs to sell in the market. On the way he said himself, “I shall get a good sum of money for these eggs. With this money I shall buy hens. The hens will have chickens, and they will become many in number. I shall make a good fortune out of them. Soon I shall be one of the richest merchants of the town.
He went on thinking, “I will marry a rich wife. Then I shall have children. If my wife and children do not obey me, I shall be angry. They will try to please me. When they come near me, I shall kick them thus.
So saying he kicked the air. In doing so he took his hands off the basket. The Basket fell on the ground, and the eggs lay broken in a heap.
Moral :- It is useless to build castles in the air.


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